The Probe

Courtesy of The Livin’ End #1 (September 1983)

Courtesy of The Livin’ End #1 (September 1983)

Band members:- Errol Samin, Harry Hambleton (g), Brendan Samin (b/g), Mick Sinclair (d) Danny Atkinson (r/g).

Record release:- I Can Never Win / Don’t Act Blind (IN-S-8065) March 1967

The Beachies

Beachies 2...Paul, Barry, Tom, Owen, Jim

Beachies 3…Paul, Barry, Tom, Owen, Jim. [Photo courtesy of Tom Kerr]

Brisbane, 1962-1965
Bell, Jimmy (g & v)
Fox, Paul (s, h & v)
Kemp, Robin (l.v)
Kerr, Tom (b & v)
Mulholland, Barry (d & v)
Palmer, Dave (g & v)
Piggott, Don (g & v)
Teys, Owen (g & v)

The Exiles

Exiles Danceland 1967

“The first one is of the original Exiles down at Danceland, Coolangatta. However on that night Bert was ill, and Rod Rickwood, from Back Porch Majority stood in for him.
The second image was taken after the name change to Vision and was at the Brisbane Irish Club where we were the resident Sunday night band.” [Ray Suckling]

Brisbane, 1967
Suckling, Ray (b) 1967
Basing, Lindsay (l.g) 1967
McLean, Barry (l.v) 1967
Elias, David (d) 1967
Mullemeister, Bert (r.g) 1967

Name change to THE VISION

Vision Irish Club 1968

By Ray Suckling
30 Mar 2010

The Exiles were a Brisbane based band formed in early 1966 by rhythm guitarist Bert Mullemeister and drummer David Elias. They were joined by lead guitarist Lindsay Basing, Ray Suckling on bass and vocalist Barry McLean.

The group played at various dances, hotels and disco’s in and around Brisbane supporting southern bands like the Easybeats at the Bowl in South Brisbane and The Scene in the city. They increased their coverage to take in Ipswich, where they featured at Club 65 and the Bowl, before regular gigs at Gympie and the Sunshine Coast where they had a regular spot at the Pearl Hotel, Caloundra and the Alexandra Headlands Surf Club. Bookings also came from the Gold Coast where the group played at various hotels, on the beach venues at Greenmount and Burleigh Heads and Danceland, Coolangatta where they backed artists such as Dinah Lee.

In mid 1967 Bert Mullemeister and David Elias left the band and were replaced by Clive Dunham on keyboards and guitar and Bruce Fraser on drums. Bruce suggested a name change and the band became known as Vision.

Some months passed and Barry moved on being replaced by vocalist, guitarist Mike Preston. They continued to play basically the same circuit with the odd Battle of the Bands thrown in and in early 1968 Lindsay left being replaced by Brian Hanson on lead guitar. Toward the end of 1969 Ray Suckling left to further his career and was replaced by Dave Aust on bass. The band continued in that format until around 1971 when they decided to go their seperate ways with Mike persuing a successful solo career.

Even though in the early days the band wrote and performed some of their own material, no recordings were ever made.

Thanks to Ray Suckling for the band history and the magnificient photos too!

The Avengers


The Avengers of 1969, a Go-Set poster.

Formerly The Tropics
Brisbane 1964-1970
Ryan, Keith (l.g) 1964-Sept 65
Monaghan, Graham ‘Mick’ (d) 1964-Apr 68
Rabnott, Graeme (r.g) 1964-Jul 68
Austin, Garth (b) 1964-late 66
Bentley, Ross ‘Dick’ 1964-Jul 68 (l.v)
Jellicoe, Roger Sept 1965-69 (l.g)
Day, Peter late 1966-70 (b)
Lebler, Don (d) Apr 1968-70
Phelps, John ‘Flaps’ (org) Jul 1968-70
Jones, Julian (l.v) Jul 1968-70
Kerwin, Keith ‘Stretch’ 1969-70

Everybody Needs Somebody (4BC acetate) 1967

Good Times, The Letter, Living In A Child’s Dream, Everybody Needs Somebody, Hallelujah, Do You Ever Have To Make Your Mind Up, Out In The Country, Let The Good Times Roll, Matthew and Son (Live at the Glen Hotel, reel-to-reel) 1967

Listen Listen / Just One More Chance (Columbia DO-8657) Jan 1969 – Other tracks from this session in 1968 were; Revolution, Peak Hour, and Tuesday Afternoon.

Twiddle-E-Dee / Caroline Court (Columbia DO-8756) May 1969 – Other tracks from this session in 1969 were; Riverside. Don’t Be A Lover [all written by Terry Britten]

Contested the 4BC Sound Spectacular in November 1965.

Winner of the 1968 Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds – Brisbane heats. Also contested Battle o f the Sounds in July 1967.

The Flamingoes

From left to right (back); Bob "Loppy" Blight, Darryl "Curly" Wright, Jimmy Cerezo - (front); Kent "Hemingway" Bryce, and Johnny Gray.  Thanks to Jimmy Cerezo for use of his picture.

From left to right (back); Bobby “Lop” Blight, Darryl “Curly” Wright, Jimmy Cerezo – (front); Kent “Hemingway” Bryce, and Johnny Gray. Thanks to Jimmy Cerezo for use of his picture.

Band members:- Darryl “Curly” Wright (d), Bobby “Lop” Bligh (b), Johnny Gray (l.v), Kent “Hemingway” Bryce (r.g) and Jimmy Cerezo (l.g).

Rrcord releases:- Come On Down To My Boat (4BC demo) 1967.

Formed after the break-up of the Dominoes in 1966, placed third in the final of Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds in 1967.

The Purple Hearts

Everybody's Magazine, c.September 1965.

Everybody’s Magazine, c.September 1965.

Formerly known as The Impacts (from 1963 to early 1965, before switching their name after Saturday, 13 March, 1965.

Band members:- Mick Hadley (l.v), Bob Dames (b), Barry Lyde (l.g), Adrian “Red” Redmond (d), and Paul Steffen (r.g). Glenn Wheatley replaced Paul Steffen in August ’65 (reason: conscription), Freddy Pickard replaced Glenn Wheatley in August ’65, Tony Cahill replaced “Red” Redmond in December ’65, and Barry Lyde left the ‘Hearts in February ’67 – not replaced.

Record releases:-

Talking About You / Louie Louie (Soundtrack demo) c.August 1965

Long Legged Baby / Gloria (Soundtrack demo) c.August 1965

Long Legged Baby / Here ‘Tis (Sunshine QK-1138) October 1965

Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones / I’m Gonna Try (Sunshine QK-1213) February 1966

Early in the Morning / Just a Little Bit (Sunshine QK-1448) August 1966

You Can’t Sit Down / Tiger in Your Tank (Sunshine QK-1589) January 1967

Chicago / Bring It on Home Sunshine (QK-1736) April 1967

The Kind

Formerly known as The Limited Blues till July 1967. Became the Kind when they went from a quartet to a three-piece, the Limited Blues debuted in 1965.

Band members:- Colin Shields (g), John Richardson (d) and Mick Lisel (b).

Record releases:- None.