The Down and Out

D&O 007

Clockwise from top, Don Lebler, Stu West, Graham Vincent and Tim West. c.1967

Brisbane, Aug 1965-Aug 1967
Formerly The Kodiacs
West, Stuart (b) Aug 1965-Aug 67
West, Tim (r.g & l.v) Aug 65-Aug 67
Graham Vincent (l.g & h) Aug 65-Aug 67
Johnson, Trevor (d) Aug 1965-Dec 65
Johnson, Paul (l.v) Nov 1965-Feb 66
Jurss, Johnny (d) Dec 1965-Jul 66
Newton, Rod (d) Jul 1966-
Lebler, Don (d) 1966-Aug 67

The D&O were inspired by the Kinks mostly, and they played Rolling Stones, Leadbelly and other R&B material, even time for a Bob Dylan track.
Headlined the Rolling Stones with The Searchers at City Hall in 21 Feb 1966 (2 shows)
Name change to THE ODYSSEY around Aug 1967

I’ll Wait And See / Sometimes (4BC acetate) Nov 1965 for the 4BC Sound Spectacular, finishing 2nd.
I’ll Wait And See / I’m Not Talkin’ // Down And Out / Geoff, Tony & Bob ad (4BC acetate – EP) Jan-Mar 1966. IWAS was re-recorded to studio perfection. Paul Johnson does the lead vocal on IMT only.
One Day / It Ain’t Right / Down Man (4BC acetate) Before July 1966.
Get Off Of My Cloud / Route 66 / Spider And The Fly / I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog / Who’ll Be The Next In Line / All Day And All Of The Night / Subterranean Homesick Blues (live recordings) 1966