Jon Blanchfield

Brisbane, 1966-1972

Record Releases:-
Town Of Tuxley Toymaker Part 1 / Upstairs, Downstairs (Leedon LK-1662) Mar 1967
You’ve Got A Lot Of Livin’ / Time (RCA 101794) Sept 1967
Lavender Girl / Look What I’ve Got (RCA 101811) 1 Mar 1968
Baby Get In The Groove / Reach For The Sun (RCA 101843) Jun 1968
She’s My Baby / I Get So Excited (RCA 101858) Oct 1969
Son Of A Simple Man / Waltzing Matilda(RCA 101874) 1969
Lucy’s Place / Is It True (RCA Victor 102001) 1971
Let The Good Times Roll /Shenandoha (RCA Victor 102058) 29 Mar 72


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