The Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Brisbane, 1967-69

Band members:-
Joe Caruso (l.g & v)
Tom “Yogi” Young (r.g & v)
Alan Wilson (b & v)
Terry Alan (d & v)

A group hailing from the Sandgate area.

Terry Alan, “Our early gigs were weddings, parties, anything!

After winning Battle of the Bands we played every Saturday night. First set at The Scene, drive over to The Bowl on the Southside and perform, pack up again and do a final spot at The Scene … then go to The Orb and  hangout with the musos!

Sundays we performed on Shorncliffe Pier (we got the idea from Harry Hamilton and The Pacifics – who we knew well and who played Sutton’s Beach at Redcliffe).  We won a few talent quests on the Gold Coast and we played a few dodgy pubs in Brisbane 🙂  Local Dances at Sandgate Town Hall were always popular then, too.

Because we all sang, our tastes and songs ranged quite a bit from Rolling Stones to The Beatles, lot of Mersey stuff but a lot of US pop too … a bit of blues … a lot of harmony songs … rock, of course and the other blokes let me sing a few ballads … “And I Love Her” was big hit at The Bowl … and we were the first band in Brisbane (at The Scene) to perform – Help! a couple of days after it was released. We usually started off with our signature song – Bits and Pieces … I had an old song list somewhere but can’t locate it right now.”


Many thanks to Terry Alan for providing us with this information.

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