The Exiles

Exiles Danceland 1967

“The first one is of the original Exiles down at Danceland, Coolangatta. However on that night Bert was ill, and Rod Rickwood, from Back Porch Majority stood in for him.
The second image was taken after the name change to Vision and was at the Brisbane Irish Club where we were the resident Sunday night band.” [Ray Suckling]

Brisbane, 1967
Suckling, Ray (b) 1967
Basing, Lindsay (l.g) 1967
McLean, Barry (l.v) 1967
Elias, David (d) 1967
Mullemeister, Bert (r.g) 1967

Name change to THE VISION

Vision Irish Club 1968

By Ray Suckling
30 Mar 2010

The Exiles were a Brisbane based band formed in early 1966 by rhythm guitarist Bert Mullemeister and drummer David Elias. They were joined by lead guitarist Lindsay Basing, Ray Suckling on bass and vocalist Barry McLean.

The group played at various dances, hotels and disco’s in and around Brisbane supporting southern bands like the Easybeats at the Bowl in South Brisbane and The Scene in the city. They increased their coverage to take in Ipswich, where they featured at Club 65 and the Bowl, before regular gigs at Gympie and the Sunshine Coast where they had a regular spot at the Pearl Hotel, Caloundra and the Alexandra Headlands Surf Club. Bookings also came from the Gold Coast where the group played at various hotels, on the beach venues at Greenmount and Burleigh Heads and Danceland, Coolangatta where they backed artists such as Dinah Lee.

In mid 1967 Bert Mullemeister and David Elias left the band and were replaced by Clive Dunham on keyboards and guitar and Bruce Fraser on drums. Bruce suggested a name change and the band became known as Vision.

Some months passed and Barry moved on being replaced by vocalist, guitarist Mike Preston. They continued to play basically the same circuit with the odd Battle of the Bands thrown in and in early 1968 Lindsay left being replaced by Brian Hanson on lead guitar. Toward the end of 1969 Ray Suckling left to further his career and was replaced by Dave Aust on bass. The band continued in that format until around 1971 when they decided to go their seperate ways with Mike persuing a successful solo career.

Even though in the early days the band wrote and performed some of their own material, no recordings were ever made.

Thanks to Ray Suckling for the band history and the magnificient photos too!

One thought on “The Exiles

  1. Gidday,

    My name is Scott and I lived and grew up in Coorparoo next door to Ray Suckling featured here in the Exiles.

    I have fond memories of Coorparoo 1964 – 70 – but perhaps my fondest are the times Ray would show me the wonders of valve radios and amplifiers – (throughout 8yrs – 14 yrs of age). I always remember Ray as a guru with anything to do with telescopes, radios, amps, guitars. Ray also had a magnificent toy soldier collection battlefield theatre of war thing happening in the dirt block in the garage underneath his house – I used to play in it endlessly. Enough embarrassment ….. I distinctly remember the sounds of the Exiles practicing and enjoying the Saturday afternoons listening to the band rehearse.

    Ray would often give me electronic bits and pieces to explore and noodle with. I remember Ray showed me how to make a ‘Crystal Set’ radio with a few bits and pieces – pure magic and a lifetime of inspiration to a 10 year old boy!

    Ray’s sister Barbra loaned me Beatles LP’s such as Revolver etc and I discovered and realised my love of music through Ray and Barbra. I’m now 55 yrs of age and I collect antique Radios and enjoy playing blues guitar – a nod of thanks to Ray and Barbra.

    Ray’s Mum & Dad – Jim & Anne were the loveliest people – always welcoming (and the BEST pikelets with strawberry and cream) – they were always Uncle Jim and Aunty Anne.



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