The Purple Hearts

Everybody's Magazine, c.September 1965.

Everybody’s Magazine, c.September 1965.

Formerly known as The Impacts (from 1963 to early 1965, before switching their name after Saturday, 13 March, 1965.

Band members:- Mick Hadley (l.v), Bob Dames (b), Barry Lyde (l.g), Adrian “Red” Redmond (d), and Paul Steffen (r.g). Glenn Wheatley replaced Paul Steffen in August ’65 (reason: conscription), Freddy Pickard replaced Glenn Wheatley in August ’65, Tony Cahill replaced “Red” Redmond in December ’65, and Barry Lyde left the ‘Hearts in February ’67 – not replaced.

Record releases:-

Talking About You / Louie Louie (Soundtrack demo) c.August 1965

Long Legged Baby / Gloria (Soundtrack demo) c.August 1965

Long Legged Baby / Here ‘Tis (Sunshine QK-1138) October 1965

Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones / I’m Gonna Try (Sunshine QK-1213) February 1966

Early in the Morning / Just a Little Bit (Sunshine QK-1448) August 1966

You Can’t Sit Down / Tiger in Your Tank (Sunshine QK-1589) January 1967

Chicago / Bring It on Home Sunshine (QK-1736) April 1967

2 thoughts on “The Purple Hearts

  1. Good mates with Barry and Mick at the time – sad that they are not still with us. First meet Mick when he worked in Kings Music Shop in Queen St. Our lead guitar ( Valiants ) bought barry’s old Fender Strat.


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