The D’s Jaggered Edges

Telegraph, Tuesday, 22 August 1967.

Band members:- Alick Green (g), Eddie Ramsbottom (d), Darren Gunn (b), Robert Price (g) and Dennis Hughes (l.v).

Record release:-


One thought on “The D’s Jaggered Edges

  1. The Architecture Revue Band came together to provide songs and soundtracks for the annual Queensland architecture student revues including High On A Hot Banana (1966), Young Robert Zimmermnan (1967), Classical Stuff (1968) & AWopBopALooBopALopBamBoom (1969). Band members included Tony Rose (vocals), Ralph Tyrrell (guitar/vocals), Nev Twidale (bass/vocals), Graham Killoran (drums), Chistine Rose (piano/organ), Peter “Plonky” Joyner (piano).
    They have reformed recently and are working on a new album “Simple City” with songs by Ralph Tyrrell.


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