The Rhythm 5

The Rhythm 5 in c. 1963-64. Courtesy of Ron Richardson, forwarded by Lindsay Morrison.

Band members:- (L-R) Albert Oliver (Ollie) (rhythm guitar), Ron Richardson (drums), Mick Murphy (Bass), Arnold Lovejoy (lead guitar). There was a fifth member John Daley (piano) but he left.

Record releases:- The Call Of The Faraway Hills / Carrot Patch (W&G WG-S-1854) 1964
Lost Eternity Theme / Locomotion (W&G WG-S-1946) 1964

2 thoughts on “The Rhythm 5

  1. Good mates – helped us a lot at the time. Arnold was one of the best guitarists around in the early 60’s. Had a home made echo unit long before other groups had any thing in the way of effects othe than Vibrato and spring reverd. Loaned Ron my bongo drums back in about 1963 – never got them back


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