Bay City Union

p53 telegraph Tues 15-03-66 photo

(Top) Trevor Bagnell, of Wynnum, and Matt Taylor, of Spring Hill. (Lower from left) Paul Johnson, of Everton Park, James Brelsford, of Carina, and Peter Miles, of Balmoral – Telegraph, Tuesday, 15 March 1966.

Formed when Richard and the Lionhearts became two distinct groups, The Lionhearts and The Bay City Union.

Brisbane, 14 Feb 1966-May 68
Bagnell, Trevor (b) Feb 1966-Dec 67
Taylor, Matt (r.g & h), later (l.v & h) Feb 1966-68
Johnson, Paul (l.v) Feb 1966-late 66
Brelsford, James (l.g) Feb 1966-May 68
Miles, Peter (d) Feb 1966-May 68
Hayes, Brian (r.g) late 1966-Dec 66
Wheatley, Glenn (r.g), later (b) Dec 1966-May 68

Poor Boy / ??? (acetate) 1966
??? / ??? (acetate) 1966

Mor’een / Mary Mary (Festival FK-2284) April 1968

One thought on “Bay City Union

  1. MAtt Taylor went on to great success with AUstralian blues band Chain as well as the solo hit I Remember When I Was Young and Glenn Wheatley went on to join the Masters Apprentices in 1968 replacing original bassist Gavin Webb and was on the successful singles like Turn Up Your Radio,Because I Love You, 5.10 man and others and became an successful manager for acts Little River Band and JOhn Farnham


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