The Bowery Boys


L to R; Greg Walker (r.g), Miker Furber (v), Neville Peard (d), Robbie Van Delft (l.g), Michael Wade (b). Photo courtesy of Colin Beard collection.

Brisbane 1962-1966
Name change to THE BOWERY BOYS after 23 October 1965.
Peard, Neville (d) 1962-Aug 66
Van Delft, Robbie (l.g) 1962-Aug 66
Wade, Michael (b & l.v) 1962-early 65, mid 65-Aug 66
Walker, Greg (r.g) 1962-Aug 66
Gray, Johnny (b) early 1965-mid 65
Furber, Mike (l.v) Jun 65-Aug 66

Just a Poor Boy/Mailman Bring Me No More Blues (Sunshine QK-1182) Dec 1965
You Stole My Love/It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Sunshine QK-1227 Feb 1966; released also on Kommotion KK-1227)– Sunshine, 14 Apr 1966 – Kommotion
You/That’s When Happiness Began (Kommotion KK-1420) Aug 1966
Just A Poor Boy (Sunshine QX-11143) May 1966
You Stole My Love (Kommotion KX-11204) Oct 1966
Where Are You? (Kommotion KX-11253) Jan 1967
Just a Poor Boy (Kommotion KL-32030) August 1966

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