The Light

Go-Set Magazine, Wednesday, 2 April 1969

Band members:- see image two.

Image two, research and (c) 2012 David Cox.

Record release:- Cold Sweat / Soul Medley (NO LABEL – INDIE) December 1968

Photo courtesy of David Cox. Thanks Dave.

Photo courtesy of Michael Jon Ashleigh.

9 thoughts on “The Light

      1. From memory,it was recorded in Bruce Window’s living room.Yes you can certainly get a copy of both sides of the record.I actually have a picture that predates the ones shown above,taken down The Orb.After Ice Bag Partys I joined Leroy with Mick Hadley and have played in numerous bands with him over the last 40 years,doing a gig with him only 2weeks ago.


    1. Hi I will have to try to get it from the record to a cd-I dont have a record player connected ,so give me a little time Here is The Light. original lineup


  1. Hi Ray Oliver Here — Former Light Guitarist. Interestingly I met up with Richard Gray and played with him again 35 years after Light disbanded. I also have a copy of the Light’s Cold Sweat single and it has been 42 Years since Light were co-winners of the 4IP Pop Festival. Also recently saw Paul Fox at Mick Hadley’s Tribute Show. Now I have my own Band “Ray Oliver’s British Blues Band”
    I’m contactable at 0417609094 or


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