The Sounds Of Seven

Pic here of The ‘Sounds of Seven’ that included three members of The ‘Planets’ Keith Johnson (my husband) bass on left, Vance Lendich guitar on right, and Lenny Austin-sax bottom right. Cloudland Ballroom 1965. Other band members -Ray Alldridge next to Keith-piano, Tony Rae – drums middle,Bob Ware-trombone & Lenny Owen bottom right-trumpet. It was the Herb Alpert era of music & two lead vocalists were Warren Cox and Merriel Hume. This photo was on the front cover of a ‘Music Maker’ magazine which I may have somewhere? – Mandy Johnson (aka Mandy Sheridan)

Record releases:- Dominque/Daddy’s Little Girl (Sunshine QK-1442) July 1966

The Music of the Cloudland Ballroom*/Norwood Ballroom (Sunshine QL-32177) ?1967

*This album has two groups providing backing for the solo artists, S.o.S. are credited for side one.

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