The Feel Goods

Formerly known as The Seekers

Band members:- Paul Hunt (l.g), Bob Park (b), Dave Leary (r.g), Paul Riddett (d) and John Brownrigg (l.v) – George Brownrigg replaced Paul Riddett in 1966.

Record releases:- As the Seekers

The “Warana” Song (Soundtrack acetate) Sept/Oct 1965

As the Feel-Goods

Good Morning Little School Girl (4BC acetate – billed as Johnny B. Goode and the Feel-Goods) November 1965

Good morning little school girl / What will it be like? (RCA 101728) 1966

Till you find out / A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (RCA 101727) 1966

Le soleil / AntonietteĀ (the sun) (RCA 101761) 1967

17 thoughts on “The Feel Goods

  1. Schoolgirl was the first single. LeSoliel had my brother George playing Drums. We were 17 years old, George was 14. It was a fantastic time to be alive. JohnB


  2. I remember John Brownrigg worked in a clothing store upstairs somewhere at the corner of Queen and Edward Streets in Brisbane in the late 1960’s


  3. Yes, that’s it! I remember they had some union jacks up and some Carnaby Street signage. Very hip place to shop! I remember John Brownrigg served me at the time! I was 18 so it must have been 1968.


  4. I remember Bob Park his parents used to own the beaudesert rd caravan park in the
    60s I used to live there when bob went to Salisbury high school I was in the same class as his sister sheena


  5. Great guys great mates won battle of bands(not sure what year 65 or 66).my girlfriend & i used to go go dance with them.still in contact with Paul Hunt would like to catch up with others now living back on Gold Coast. We had some fun times.


    1. Great guys great music that is why they won battle of bands (65/66 not quite sure). My girlfriend & I used to go go dance with them. Went to school with both Paul’s. Was very close to Scotty for many years. Would love to catch up with them now living back on Gold Coast.


      1. wendy, I know both paul hunt and rob (scotty) from the brisbane shadows club, they are both playing again or still. rob lives up the north coast somewhere, he is currently OS, not sure when he gets back. I sometimes jam with paul hunt so I will tell him you want to make contact again. PS I went to corinda high too but I was 4-5 years behind the 2 pauls. cheers Lindsay


      2. Hi Lindsay i was born in 1950 so i was just behind the pauls too not sure if it was 1 or 2 years. My cousin Ralph Leach was in their year he played in the very early days with paul’s at school. I was wendy Heywood then


  6. Hi wendy, I vaguely remember a wendy heywood from corinda high, I was in the same year as Paul Hallas. did you swim at dunlop park pool? I have a photo of ralph playing with the seekers, before they became the feelgoods.


  7. Sorry I didn’t get back to you, just found this again. Yes I swam at Dunlop park with Paul & Bonnie Hallas, the Paul’s, Myra Young. My dad was the first life member of the swimming club. What is your real name, we probably know each other. Bonnie & I both worked at Main Roads after school so used to go down to Steve’s shop all the time. Lots of international artists used to shop in there as well. Myra still does aerobics classes at the pool and the people that own it now are happy for us to have a reunion there. Would you be interested? We would love to plan it we had such fun at the club and the pool. Do you remember Ian & Bruce Berry? They swam as well. Myra has given me the list of all the people who swam in the club it is very interesting. Remember Bobby & JoAnn Barnes and Marilyn Hoskin & her cousin Pauline Roberts? I can contact some of them as Myra can but we would need some help and limit the time to when we all swam or else we could end up with a thousand there. Please get back to me on this.


  8. Would love to see the photo with Ralph in the band if you can send it. Ralph still sees Paul Hunt and riddett when he is around. I saw Scotty last year at Paul Morgans band reunion that was great. I played squash sometimes with Ralph & 2 Paul’s boy they ran me ragged no being nice because I was a girl, but great fun and so many great memories from those times. Corinda high was such a good school and some good musos came out of there. We had so much fun don’t know how I actually passed my Junior not with straight A’s as some but enough to get me a good job and the cops who came into main RDS would often let us into the shows at festival & town halls, so we saw a lot of shows. Jim Hansen worked at main roads with us too. I also saw him at the reunion last year.


  9. Remember the Westminster Boutique.Steve Jones worked at another mens clothing store,i think Peter Shearers, & told me about this groovy new store that was opening in Edward St.Also remember the Throb playing one lunch hour at the In Shop across from the City Hall.Also went to a mens clothing store called the Clothes Peg.


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