The In-Crowd

Telegraph, Tuesday, 3 May 1966

Band members:- Ross Gilbert (l.g), Keiron McLaughlan (r.g), Bobby Stranks (l.v), Bill Brady (d) and Robert Early (b).

Record release:- None

6 thoughts on “The In-Crowd

  1. I remember this band playing at sherwood RSL on friday nights back in 609s. good band and great harmonies. did they have 2 singers at one stage??


  2. I read about a line-up with Ken Deakin & Bob Stranks on vocals, McLaughlin on lead guitar, Early on bass, Gilbert on organ, and Steve Bray on drums. They split up in early 1970 & Deakin joined The Vibrant Souls.


  3. Yes they did have 2 lead vocalists Lindsay – you’re correct. As Jimmy said, Bobby and Kenny were the vocalists. My Dad was the bass player. I have to say that one of the highlights of my life, was seeing the band reformed at a Rock n Roll Reunion at Festival Hall in 1993 (I think)! Great sound even then!


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